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808 State - Björk co-wrote and sang two songs for their Ex:el album


Daniel Adric - created the giant teddy bear for the Human Behaviour video
Á Guđs Vegum - Sugarcubes' live video
Olivier Alary aka Ensemble - remixed Sun In My Mouth
Raimundo Amador - played flamenco guitar in So Broken
Amphibian - song that Björk wrote and performed for Spike Jonze's movie Being John Malkovich
Anton - Danish movie whose title song Björk sang
Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) - toured with Björk
Leila Arab - played keyboards in Björk's Debut and Post live tour band
David Arnold - co-wrote and co-produced Play Dead
A Tribe Called Quest - Björk remixed their song called Stessed Out


Bad Taste (Smekkleysa) - Icelandic record company which was founded by the people behind Sugarcubes
Bahamas - vocals for Post was recorded in the Bahamas
Sigtryggur Baldursson (Siggi) aka Bogomil Font - played drums in Sugarcubes
Bangkok - Björk beat up Julie Kaufman in Bangkok in 1996
David Barnard - directed Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1997
Matthew Barney - Björk's boyfriend
Bassheads - remixed Human Behaviour
Beatles - Björk covered Beatles' The Fool On The Hill on her first album in 1977
Beck - remixed Alarm Call
Mark Bell - remixed Bachelorette, Hunter, Alarm Call and Amphibian; produced Immature; co-wrote Pluto; co-produced most songs on Homogenic; co-wrote two songs on Selmasongs and did some programming; co-wrote and co-produced Foot Soldier
Einar Örn Benediktsson - sang and played trumpet in Sugarcubes; played trumpet on Post
Howie B (Howie Bernstein) - remixed Hyperballad, Jķga, Bachelorette and All Is Full Of Love; produced All Is Full Of Love and co-produced I Miss You; Björk's ex-boyfriend
The Best Mixes From The Album Debut For All The People Who Don't Buy White-Labels - remix album containing songs from Debut; was released in September 1994
Derek Birkett - co-produced Sugarcubes' Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! and Life's Too Good; remixed Sugarcubes' Coldsweat and Deus with Brian Pugsley
Black Dog - co-produced Sweet Intuition; remixed The Anchor Song and Come To Me
Bless - Björk sang in two Bless' songs
Andy Bradfield - remixed Alarm Call with Mark Bell
Alan Braxe - remixed Alarm Call with Ben Diamond
Brodsky Quartet - remixed Hyperballad
Börn Náttúrunnar (Children Of Nature) - movie featuring Sugarcubes' Coldsweat


Carcass - remixed Isobel
Hussein Chalayan - designed the jacket Björk is wearing on the Post cover
Martin Console - co-wrote and co-produced Heirloom
Crass Records - released Kukl's albums
E.E. Cummings - Sun In My Mouth and Mother Heroic are based on his poems
Chris Cunningham - directed All Is Full Of Love
Current 93 - Björk sang in Current 93's song called Falling


Dancer in the Dark - movie in which Björk made her real acting debut; premiered in May 2000
Debut - Björk's first solo album; was released in July 1993
Catherine Deneuve - played and performed Cvalda with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Eumir Deodato - remixed Isobel; did string arrangements with Björk for Post and Homogenic
Dillinja - remixed Cover Me
Dimitri from Paris - remixed Human Behaviour and Isobel
DJ Krust - remixed Alarm Call and So Broken
Dobie - remixed I Miss You
Dom T (Dom Thrupp) - remixed Human Behaviour, Big Time Sensuality, Enjoy and Alarm Call; Björk's ex-boyfriend


Ūķr Eldon - played guitar in Sugarcubes; Björk's ex-husband; Sindri's father
Darren Emerson - remixed I Miss You
Alec Empire - remixed Jķga and Bachelorette
Faith Evans - sang on Stressed Out which Björk remixed
The Eye - Kukl's first album; was released at the end of 1984


Siobhan Fallon - played and performed 107 Steps with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Tony Ferrino - Björk sang Short Term Affair with him for his Phenomenon album
Fluke - remixed Big Time Sensuality, Violently Happy and Hyperballad
Paul Fox - produced Sugarcubes' Stick Around For Joy
Fridrik Thķr Fridriksson - directed Sugarcubes' Birthday (Icelandic version)
Funkstörung - remixed All Is Full Of Love


Tanya Tagaq Gillis - sang with Björk on Verpertine tour
Björgvin Gíslason - Björk sang in his song called Afi
Evelyn Glennie - co-wrote and co-produced My Spine and Oxygen
Glerbrot - Icelandic TV play Björk acted in
Gling-Glķ - jazz album which Björk recorded with tríķ Guđmundar Ingķlfssonar; was released in October 1990
Goldie - remixed Isobel; toured with Björk; Björk's ex-boyfriend
Michel Gondry - directed Human Behaviour, Army Of Me, Isobel, Hyperballad, Jķga and Bachelorette
Joel Grey - played and performed In The Musicals with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Isobel Griffiths - orchestral contractor on Post and Homogenic
Grooverider - remixed Bachelorette
Gudmundur Gunnarsson - Björk's father
Pálmi Gunnarsson - arranged and produced Björk's first album with Sigurđur Karlsson in 1977
Thorgeir Gunnarsson - directed Sugarcubes' Eat The Menu
Gus Gus - Alfred More and Biggi Veira of Gus Gus remixed Hunter


Corky Hale - played harp on Debut
P. J. Harvey - sang Satisfaction with Björk at the Brits in 1994
Hildur Rúna Hauksdķttir - Björk's mother
Helmet - covered Army Of Me
Matthew Herbert - remixed Pagan Poetry
Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! - Sugarcubes' second album; was released in October 1989
Holidays In Europe (The Naughty Nought) - Kukl's second album; was released in January 1986
Homogenic - Björk's third solo album; was released in September 1997
Nellee Hooper - co-wrote Human Behaviour, Crying, There's More To Life Than This, Big Time Sensuality, Violently Happy and Isobel; produced or co-produced most songs on Debut and Post; remixed Big Time Sensuality and Violently Happy
Mick Hucknall - remixed Venus As A Boy
Tony Humphries - remixed Sugarcubes' Leash Called Love and Hit


Iceland - Björk was born in Iceland
Illur arfur! - Icelandic version of Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
Il Novecento Orchestra - played on Vespertine tour
Eiko Ishioka - directed Cocoon
It's It - Sugarcubes' fourth and last album; contains remixed songs from Sugarcubes' previous albums; was released in October 1992


Selma Jezková - Björk's character in Dancer in the Dark
Jķga (Jķhannsdķttir) - Björk's friend
Kristín Jķhannesdķttir - directed Sugarcubes' Birthday (English version)
Ķskar Jķnasson - directed Sugarcubes' Coldsweat, Deus, Motorcrash, Regina and Planet; Björk's ex-boyfriend
Spike Jonze - directed It's Oh So Quiet
Juniper Tree - movie Björk acted in; premiered in 1986


Sigurđur Karlsson - arranged and produced Björk's first album with Pálmi Gunnarsson in 1977
Julie Kaufman - Björk beat her up in Bangkok in 1996
Jķhannes Kjarval - Björk wrote a song for him for her first album in 1977
Thomas Knak aka Opiate - co-wrote Cocoon and Undo; remixed Aurora
Nick Knight - took the photography for the Homogenic Cover, directed Pagan Poetry
Yasuhiro Kobayashi aka Coba - played accordion on Post and Homogenic; played accordion in Post live tour band
Harmony Korine - co-wrote Harm Of Will
Vladica Kostic - played and performed Smith And Wesson with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
John Kricfalusi - directed I Miss You
Kukl - Björk sang in Kukl before Sugarcubes


Inez van Lamsweerde - designed Vespertine sleeve and directed Hidden Place with Vinoodh Matadin and M/M <Paris>
Léon (The Professional) - movie featuring Venus As A Boy
LFO - remixed Hyperballad and Possibly Maybe
Life's Too Good - Sugarcubes' first album; was released in May 1988
Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 1997 - Björk's concert video
Live Zabor - Sugarcubes' live video
London - Björk lived in London many years
Ricardo Lopez - so-called fan who sent a letter bomb to Björk and shot himself


Madonna - Björk co-wrote Bedtime Story for Madonna's Bedtime Stories album
Graham Massey - remixed Sugarcubes' Planet; remixed Violently Happy and Army Of Me; co-wrote and co-produced Army Of Me, The Modern Things and Karvel
Masters At Work - remixed Violently Happy
Vinoodh Matadin - designed Vespertine sleeve and directed Hidden Place with Inez van Lamsweerde and M/M <Paris>
Matmos - remixed Alarm Call; laptoped on Vespertine; opened for Björk on Vespertine tour and played with her
Alexander McQueen - designed Homogenic cover; directed Alarm Call
Me Company - designed dozens album and single sleeves for Björk
Einar Melax - played keyboards in Sugarcubes before Magga
Vincent Mendoza - orchestrated, conducted and co-arranged all songs on Selmasongs; orchestrated Vespertine
Mike D - remixed Army Of Me
Mike Flowers Pops - covered Venus As A Boy
Miranda - Tappi Tíkarrass' first and only album; was released in December 1983
Joni Mitchell - and Björk sang together "What Is This Thing Called Love?" at Walden Woods concert in 1998
Jean Baptiste Mondino - took the photograph for the Debut cover; directed Violently Happy
Trevor Morais - remixed One Day; played drums in Post live tour band; Homogenic was recorded in his studio in Spain
David Morales - remixed Big Time Sensuality and Hyperballad
David Morse - played and performed Smith And Wesson with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Sophie Muller - directed Venus As A Boy
Murder And Killing In Hell - Sugarcubes' live video


Nearly God - Tricky's album Björk co-wrote and sang two songs for; was released in May 1996
Bryan "Chuck" New - remixed Sugarcubes' Water
New Order - toured with Sugarcubes
New York - Björk lives in New York


Bragi Ķlafsson - played bass guitar in Sugarcubes
One Little Indian - Björk's record company
Outcast - remixed Hyperballad and Enjoy
Oval - Unison contains a sample from Aero Deck by Oval


Mike Paradinas aka ĩ-Ziq - remixed Hunter; toured with Björk
Zeena Parkins - played harp on Vespertine and Vespertine tour; co-wrote Generous Palmstroke
Vincent Paterson - choreographed Dancer in the Dark and acted in it
Marjan Pejoski - designed the swan dress Björk wore at the Oscars in March 2001
Jack Perron - adapted Pagan Poetry, Frosti and Aurora to music box
Photek - remixed I Miss You
Plaid - remixed Big Time Sensuality, Cover Me and All Is Full Of Love; Björk co-wrote and sang Lilith for Plaid's Not For Threes album
Post - Björk's second solo album; was released in June 1995
Pręt-ā-Porter (Ready To Wear) - movie featuring Ruby Baby from Gling-Glķ; Björk did a cameo in this movie
Brian Pugsley - remixed Sugarcubes' Coldsweat and Deus with Derek Birkett


Jim & William Reid - remixed Sugarcubes' Birthday
Ren & Stimpy - Björk's favourite cartoon
Reykjavik - Björk was born in Reykjavik
Mykaell Riley - remixed Venus As A Boy
Justin Robertson - remixed Sugarcubes' Birthday and Motorcrash; remixed Big Time Sensuality
Rokk Í Reykjavík - movie featuring two Tappi Tíkarrass' songs
RZA - remixed Bachelorette


Sabres Of Paradise - remixed Come To Me and One Day
Mark Saunders - remixed Sugarcubes' Mama
Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) - his record company claimed that Björk stole a sample from him
Stephane Sednaoui - directed Big Time Sensuality, Possibly Maybe and Vessel; took the photography for the Post Cover; Björk's ex-boyfriend
Selmasongs - soundtrack of Dancer in the Dark; was released in September 2000
Cara Seymour - played and performed Smith And Wesson with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Guy Sigsworth - remixed All Is Full Of Love; played keyboards in Post live tour band; co-wrote, co-produced, co-programmed and played many instruments on many songs on Post, Homogenic and Vespertine
Sigurjon Birgir Sigurdsson aka Sjķn aka Johnny Triumph - co-wrote all songs on Selmasongs; wrote Post Book and Bachelorette; co-wrote Isobel and Jķga; sang Luftgítar and Night Of Steel with Sugarcubes
Valgeir Sigurdsson - worked with Björk on Selmasongs and Vespertine as an engineer, programmer and recorder
Sindri - Björk's son
Talvin Singh - remixed Possibly Maybe
Tim Simenon - remixed Play Dead
Skunk Anansie - remixed Army Of Me
Skytturnar (White Whales) - movie featuring Sugarcubes' music
Sķdķma Reykjavík (Remote Control) - movie featuring two songs sang by Björk
Spain - Homogenic was recorded in Spain
Speedy J - remixed Human Behaviour
State Of Bengal - remixed Hunter
Mark Stent - mixed Homogenic, Selmasongs and Vespertine; remixed All Is Full Of Love
Stick Around For Joy - Sugarcubes' third album; was released in February 1992
Peter Stormare - played and performed I've Seen It All with Björk in Dancer in the Dark
Sugarcubes (Sykurmolarnir) - Björk was a member of Sugarcubes before her solo career
Swag - remixed Alarm Call


Tank Girl - movie featuring Army Of Me and Big Time Sensuality
Tappi Tíkarrass - Björk sang in Tappi Tíkarrass before Kukl
John Tavener - wrote A Prayer Of The Heart for Björk
Telegram - remix album containing songs from Post; was released in November 1996
Todd Terry - remixed Sugarcubes' Gold and Dream TV; remixed Hyperballad
Tommy D - remixed Sugarcubes' Birthday
Towa Tei - remixed Hyperballad
Tricky (Adrian Thawes) - co-wrote and co-produced Enjoy and Headphones; Björk's ex-boyfriend
Lars von Trier - wrote and directed Dancer in the Dark; co-wrote all songs on Selmasongs


U2 - toured with Sugarcubes
Ultimate Intimate - used to be the bestest Björk related web site
Underworld - remixed Human Behaviour
Unun - toured with Björk


Mika Vainio aka Ø - remixed Headphones
Vespertine - Björk's fourth solo album; was released in August 2001
Vessel - Björk's live video containing songs from Debut
The Video - Sugarcubes' video compilation
Voices of Europe - youth choir that performed The Anchor Song with Björk on 1999-12-31
Volumen - Björk's video compilation
Marius De Vries - remixed Sugarcubes' Pump and A Day Called Zero; remixed Big Time Sensuality; co-wrote Isobel; worked as a programmer on Post, Homogenic and Verpertine


WebSense - used to be Björk's official web site
Paul White - directed Hunter; designed dozens album and single sleeves for Björk


The X-Files: Fight the Future - movie soundtrack featuring Hunter


Thom Yorke - performed I've Seen It All with Björk on Selmasongs
Young Americans - movie featuring Play Dead


Hector Zazou - Björk sang Vísur Vatnsenda-Rķsu for his Songs From The Cold Seas (Chansons Des Mers Froides) album


Margrét Örnķlfsdķttir (Magga) - played keyboards in Sugarcubes

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